Jackson Heights Seventh Day Adventist School

Woodside | NY
Summer Activities
Have a headstart of your basic Chemistry. Double click this website: http://www.jergym.hiedu.cz/~canovm/vyhledav/varianty/usa.html

Keep your brains working. Read at least 5 book over the summer. Submit a book report for each on September 1. Keep a log of the date, duration. title of the book, author with your parent's signature and vocabulary list of new words you encounter with definition. You'll get a price and extra credit for your reading on your next grade level.

Practice your skills in different subject area: http://school.familyeducation.com/summer/family-learning/36089.html

Practice your math basic skills by visiting the following websites:
www.matcounts.org, www.mathtutor.org, http://school.familyeducation.com/summer/family-learning/36089.html