Jackson Heights Seventh Day Adventist School

Woodside | NY
Book Report Format 2008

Page 1: Title page/Cover page (Tiltle of the book, author/illustrator, Student's name, Grade, Date due

Page 2: Characters (People/things involve in the story), Setting: (Time, place, and environment in which the   story takes place), New Vocabulary Words found with definition (minimum of 5 words, maximum-sky is the limit)

Page 3: Plot an outline with the following information ( 1. Conflict or problem, 2. Crisis or description of the  problem, 3. Resolution or how was the  problem solved, 4. Climax or the exciting part of the story  after all the conflicts.)  Summary:  3-5 sentences (Write the plot in a paragraph form)

Page 4: Point of view: What do you think about the story? Would you recommend the book to anyone? 3-5 sentences only. Theme: What the author is trying to tell us about the subject of the story. 2-3 sentences

Page 5: Art Page: It should be your own drawing.