Jackson Heights Seventh Day Adventist School

Woodside | NY
1 and 2 grade supply list


Quantity  Item
1   pack of pencils (Student should come into class prepared with 3 sharpened pencils every day)
1   Box of 16 or 24 crayons (preferably Crayola)
1   Pack of colored pencils
1   Covered pencil sharpener
1   Colored markers
2   Erasers 
2   Glue sticks
1   Glue bottle (preferably Elmer’s)
1   Safety scissors
3   Plastic folder with two pockets
1   Prayer journal (must have lines)
1   Composition notebook
1   Supply bag (to put loose pencils, erasers, scissor, etc.)
1   Change of clothes in a bag   (This is in case of a bathroom accident. 
     This does not have to be the uniform.  Be sure to  included underwear and socks.)
1    minimum  Gym uniform. (plain navy blue shorts and plain grey t-shirt 
      (This is to be worn under the school uniform))
1 pair   Gym Sneakers (They will stay in their cubby throughout the week)
1   Post-it pop-up notes

The following will be shared among the class: 
1   package of disposable plates
1   napkins
1   box of tissues
1   100 disposable cups
1   paper towel
1   disinfectant hand wipes
1   disposable forks/spoons/knives