Jackson Heights Seventh Day Adventist School

Woodside | NY
Grades 5 & 6 Supply List


1 -  1 ½  inch 3-ring binders with transparent front cover for the cover page
       (for portfolio)
1 -  1 inch lightweight 3 ring binder with tab dividers for each subject
       (for daily use to keep important notes and homework notebook)
1 -  50 counts package of standard sheet protectors (for portfolio)
1 -  256 MB- 1 GB USB Drive with stings around neck 
       (to use for research project and power point presentation,
       it can also be used for computer class)
4 -  packs of 100 counts loose-leaf papers (two to take to school, 
       keep the other 2 at home for homework and reserve the rest)
12- composition notebooks (label each for Math, Spelling,
       DOL/Reading/Vocabulary, Social Studies, Science, English,
       Computer, Bible, 4 extra )
1 -  package each of crayons, colored pencils, and markers
      4-black expo retractable dry erase markers
4 -  red expo retractable dry erase markers
12- no.2 retractable pencils with erasers
36- 50 no.2 regular pencils
1-   package of 4x6 index cards (lined index card is a priority)
4-6 glue sticks
2-4 regular size tape refills
2-   each of black, blue and red erasable pens (white-out is not permitted)
4-6 red pens
1- 12 inch ruler
      1- protractor
      1- safety scissors
2- pocket folders
1- sealable water bottle (to take to school everyday with water labeled with child’s name)
1- silver spoon and fork
1- 50 counts of 3x5 post it notepads
100- paper plates (for art and pizza on Friday)

   Optional items
1- pack of 50 counts graph paper
1-package of multi-colored construction paper
1- liquid glue
1-roll of paper towel
1- box of Kleenex tissues (or any facial tissue)
1- package of Napkins
1 package of Plastic forks and spoons
1- package of Plastic cups

Note: Please label every item with the student’s name. Please make sure that your child has every item listed above on the first day of school so that your child can function successfully in every activity that will take place in the classroom.