Jackson Heights Seventh Day Adventist School

Woodside | NY

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church School of Jackson Heights
72-25 Woodside Avenue Woodside, New York 11377-3998
Tel-(718) 426- 5729 Fax- (718) 426 - 0079
web- jacksonheightssdaschool.org
Transportation Form (NYCTA - Only)

Please ckeck one:  I would like my child to recieve a NYCTAP (New York City Transit Pass)
My child has other means of transportation.                    

Student's Name:

    Last  Name                       First   Name                  Middle Name

Home Address:
     House #           Street Name         Apt #         Zip code                    Boro       
  Telephone #

Sex:  Male         Female

Date of Birth    Student Age        Grade:    

Student will need a pass for:   Bus     Train    Bus and Train

Station name / street where bus/train is taken to school:

Other transportation: Please indicate which transportation service:
                       Parent bring student to school
                       Privite Transportation

  Name of carrier        Telephone No.