Jackson Heights Seventh Day Adventist School

Woodside | NY
Instructor: Mr. Michael Crespo

The main purpose of physical education is to help develop the body while maintaining and developing Christian sportsmanship in a Christ centered atmosphere.  To complete this objective, the school has integrated 4 special directives into its physical education program:
  1. Learn and understand locomotive and on locomotive skills
  2. To develop and condition the muscles of the body to be able to carry out the tasks of the day, we well as be able to go beyond the norm if needed.
  3. To adopt and incorporate what has been learned in the regular classroom into sporting activities through sportsmanship and team work to achieve a set goal.
  4. A concentration on physical fitness, with an emphasis on cardiovascular exercise.
Fitness games, cardiovascular activities such as running, walking, regular team sports activities including basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, and a variety of exercise drills relating to each sport.
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